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Monday, January 4, 2010

"You're trying to be grown"

I’m glad my mother didn’t let me wear makeup until I was “old enough”.
Old enough turned out to be nearly the end of my senior year in H.S! Which was hard as a rule to follow. All of my girlfriends around my way were Spanish... they were able to wear eyeliner, blush and lipstick at like 13yrs old. By the time they were 16yrs old they were pros. I tried to sneak and wear eyeliner while at their house or during my freshman/sophomore year in high school. I would get caught by forgetting I had it on or  not washing it off by the time my mother came home from work. When I did remember, I would try and scrub it off in the bathroom but being new to the game I didn’t know that you needed more than water to remove all traces. My mother would raise her eyebrow and say, “Oh you’re trying to be grown?” as she proceeded to punish me. I was mad at the time and thought she just didn’t understand. Looking back now... I’m grateful she didn't let me wear make-up like that. Had she allowed me to go all out, I would not have the skin I do now and I would have looked like I was trying to grow up too fast.
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