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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Philosophy...

I find all types of women want different looks and like to achieve the look as if it took no effort at all from your:

A) Natural Beauty
B) Classic & Timeless Beauty
C) Corporate Chic Beauty
D) Trendsetter/Fashionista Beauty
E) Glamorous Beauty
F) Around the Way Girl Beauty

Women wear clothes according to their moods… no different when it comes to make-up.
The reason why the fashion industry and make-up go perfectly hand in hand together.

My perfect flawless equation is: Natural Beauty +Classic/Timeless Beauty = Understated Glam with emphasis either on the eyes or the lips.
All these looks are attainable and wearable with the right attitude.
You know “attitude is everything” as my friend Keith Harrell wrote about in his book. I took these looks women wanted and incorporated it into a collection of moods for the N2Beauty Cosmetics and Skincare line.
A bold, alluring, sexy, intelligent & chic approach to makeup, which I call the B.A.S.I.C collection. Every look you crave is created in one of these categories.
If you think you are ordinary be extraordinary! You got to be yourself and work what you got.
Be Beautiful

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Come Up...

I worked at a cosmetics counter in the middle of the mall for years. It is where I truly studied my craft and became an artist. As a make-up artist I’ve done magazine photo shoots, fashion shows, a few celebs and weddings.
I will tell you there is nothing like the everyday woman. In the mall you’re not getting the celebrity or the model with decent skin, you do get lucky but for the most part they come to you with problems skin and makeup but 9 out of 10 times there are emotional problems as well. I’m doing makeovers on all types of skin, different nationalities, different undertones, young women to senior citizens. This was real boot camp for me, I was learning and earning as they say.
My approach is always a consultative one which made me standout from most counter girls. I actually talked you through every application and brush stroke I did and showed you how to do it yourself. Women left my counter looking good and were educated about their skin and the application of makeup. They divulged intimate secrets about their beauty fears and felt alive when they got answers along with tools, tips and product to take care of them.
It was a great education for me on what consumers wanted and looked for in a product. It’s the everyday woman that is the subject for my own makeup and skincare line. It addresses all the different undertones and color concerns like the former United Colours of Benetton eggshell, beige, tan, olive, caramel, chocolate and the deepest cocoa.
There are great products in every line; I just felt that some lines stopped focusing on the core customer (the everyday woman) at least as a consumer junkie. Until I created my line in 2003, I felt some of them didn’t target all our colors and hues. My focus for my line was to address the needs of the everyday divas- all of us are not recognized worldwide nor have paparazzi in our face. We are seen on the true runway of life… at the office, on the train, dropping our kids at school, nailing that new client, starting businesses. It’s good to be seen while putting your best face forward and I am honored to paint those faces on a daily basis.
Be Beautiful!