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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

N2 H.I.M

Hello Beautiful,
Ladies we love our men don't we? I took a song from Toni Braxton,"I Love Me Some Him" and used it to inspire our signature men's skincare collection. N2 H.I.M the Handsome, Intelligent, Man.
Men have increasingly become aware of the need for maintaining healthy skin. When it became cool to get manicures and facials without being considered "sweet" and just good grooming habits (Thank you Diddy). We saw an increase in men taking care of themselves outside of the barber shop.
Men have a tendency to have more oilier skin than women and find that having an esthetician can clean their skin efficiently. We help them with the nuances of irritated skin from shaving and have them develop a proper cleansing regimen at home. We were pleasantly surprised to find out about 3years ago at The N2 Beauty Day Spa that men welcome the time to let go of daily pressures during regular facial visits. Men like to put their best face forward especially when their job requires a lot of client meetings.
Your image is important and believe it or not, as I always say whether your a man or woman your face is your 1st business card. 
A Woman Prefers a Well-Groomed Man... It's just Sexy.