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Friday, September 24, 2010

N2 on Beauty

We are all different but the same, separated by our features and our inner makeup.- N2
The Runway creates trends and as artists we re-interpret them for our clients to wear on a daily basis. My approach to applying makeup on my clients is and has always been consultative. I teach the technique and tools while encouraging them to ask questions so they feel the most confident when on their own.
We look at our face in the mirror and discover ourselves, we try to notice what we are portraying to others. Beauty is about discovery, find a signature feature to highlight that you love. Your eyes, lips or complexion and define that look to portray the image you want others to see.Don't always apply the same colors or looks you wind up dating yourself.  Fix what you can and focus on your best features and you know what...God bless what we cannot change and love it anyway!
Don't fall prey to being trendy- follow the trend only if it looks good on you ( be truthful). Your look comes together with your hairstyle so take heed to the cut, style and color of your hair. . Educate yourself on info about cosmetic products and new tips and tricks. Take note of what you can apply to your image. Remember, beauty is as beauty does so Be beautiful and smile it captures your soul.
Happy Autumn!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New York Fashion Week

Hello Beautiful,
Kids are back to school and we are entering the fall season. So it may have you thinking of the warmer days of Spring...    If that is the case, New York Fashion Week is here! 
The trendy, classic, chic and outrageous designers will debut their latest Spring 2011 collection. This year Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has moved to a new location where only the best of the best will have the privilege to showcase and unveil their spring line...Lincoln Center.  Ooh la la Fashion week has moved on up my darlings lol.
All of us beauty mavens are anxious to see the predictions of Spring's Color palette, for all of you  makeup trend-setters. What will be the new hot lip color? or How bold will the eyeshadow go? What shape will define Spring's Eyebrow? Are we going with a dewy glow or a matte finish for the face?  Stay tuned beautiful ones and I will tell you the forecast after I see what the over 90 designers are presenting. I know Autumn is 2 weeks away but the fashion and beauty industry always stays 2 seasons ahead. We will get back to the season at hand after this fabulous week.
BE Beautiful

What's In Your Makeup Bag?

Hello Beautiful,

What’s in your Makeup Bag? I always get asked as a makeup artist how long is too long to keep your cosmetics. Well ladies including Tenah whose makeup draw I recently dumped. Let’s take inventory of our makeup bags, bathroom counters and vanity’s. Whatever the reason we cannot seem to part with makeup after we make the purchase, even if it was a bad purchase! It was either too trendy, the color didn’t work once you got home or made you break out. It could be the total opposite, we love it so much that even when it crumbles or falls apart we still keep and try to use it. I give you the rules in this article below.

If you bought makeup and have had it over 2years even if you did not use it- time to toss!
Open and smell foundations, mascara’s, lipsticks, blushes and skincare products. If they smell funny or the formula is separated or dried out - time to toss!
Be very careful with products used near the eyes because this is a sensitive and delicate area. If you react to a product that you’ve used faithfully there’s probably,
a) bacteria in the product or b) your makeup brush/tool is carrying bacteria and causing the reaction.

For skincare products in jars i.e. creams/moisturizers use a disposable spatula instead of fingers, or those wooden Popsicle sticks we used as kids (remember those? you can find them in craft or 99cent Stores). Your makeup brushes should be cleaned once a week with a mild shampoo (like baby shampoo).
N2Beauty tip-For quick cleaning in between washes use a baby wipe or seventh generations disinfecting wipes.
Here are the rules for purging through those cosmetics products.
Makeup does not last forever beauties:
Foundation = 1yr- 18mos.
Powder = 2yrs (face and powder blush)
Concealer= 1yr
Eye Shadow= 1yr
Mascara= 3-6mos (you all are so guilty of this one)
Lip/Eye Pencil= 1yr
Liquid/Gel Liner= 3mos (Unless you do not tighten cap and it dries out first!)
Lipstick= 1yr-18mos (Guilty-you can start tossing now, good reason to hit the mall)
Cream Blush= 6mos-1yr
Eye Cream= 1yr
Sunscreen Lotion= 1yr

There you have it, tape this in your medicine cabinet for future reference. Keep your makeup in a cool place like a drawer or one of those little 3 drawer totes organizer. I personally keep my makeup in a caboodle case. Have fun shopping for your new fall makeup now that you have made room.
Oh and for that crumbled eye shadow that you love, dump it inside a snack size Ziploc if it’s too early to toss and you don’t want to spend on another.

Be Beautiful,
This blog article has been published in the September 2-9, 2010 weekly edition of the
 Freeport/Roosevelt Times newspaper. Under the new beauty column "N2 Beauty Corner" by yours truly.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Brilliant Beauty of the month- Lisa Zure

Hello Beautiful,

We are excited to come to you this month with our newest feature. Highlighting our talented N2Beauty Clients who express their inner beauty brilliantly.
Our Brilliant Beauty for the month of September is our songstress Lisa Zure.
Lisa is a spa client who loves our Forever Young Skincare system and swears by our All day moisture lotion w/ Copper. I wanted to feature Lisa because she is a dynamic woman who has a beautiful spirit and really exemplifies our motto, "Beauty is as beauty does...Be Beautiful." She always has encouraging words or sends beautiful blessings in her emails when she is not in town. The clients in the spa love her CD and we thought it was time to allow you all to hear it too. Take a listen to what our clients are soothing their souls to.

Singer/songwriter/producer Lisa Zuré (pronounced Zoo-ray) is enjoying much deserved and long-awaited worldwide recognition as music lovers everywhere discover her distinctive and soulful sound. You can hear her music on a wide variety of radio shows, including the UK's Solar Radio, Colourful Radio, KISS FM in Sweden, and many others. The musical stylings of this uniquely creative singer fuse elements of R&B, Soul, NuJazz and Hiphop in such an intoxicating way, it can't be compared to anything you've heard before. This for me is an example of what timeless soulful music is about, a breath of fresh air... Tongue Tide also appears on the Best Undiscovered R&B Soul compilation released in January 2010 by Singapore/Malaysian record label EQ Music.

A native Californian, Lisa Zuré has also sung, written and co-produced for other very talented artists. Her 4 years in BedStuy, Brooklyn gave birth to her solo venture. Sweet Fruit, (2008, 1st Mind Entertainment) its guaranteed to quench your thirst for something sweet, sensual, mind-catching, seductive, head boppin' and possibly addictive. Each song on the EP reveals another aspect of the signature sound that has evolved from her collaboration with ingenious producer Mr.Diz (aka The Original K-Swift).
Lisa Zuré's sound is always evolving. Her next album, Music To Save My Life, promises to engage her listeners on every level... Stay tuned, for the journey has just begun.

N2 Beauty Fans support this talented artist, she gets charted everywhere in the UK!  I think she needs to be on "The B Side" with Mike Baisden because I can't believe she is not in rotation here. They are loving her up overseas. Buy the album at the link provided or purchase a single.I will say Track #3 & #4 are personal favorites.
Be Beautiful