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Friday, September 24, 2010

N2 on Beauty

We are all different but the same, separated by our features and our inner makeup.- N2
The Runway creates trends and as artists we re-interpret them for our clients to wear on a daily basis. My approach to applying makeup on my clients is and has always been consultative. I teach the technique and tools while encouraging them to ask questions so they feel the most confident when on their own.
We look at our face in the mirror and discover ourselves, we try to notice what we are portraying to others. Beauty is about discovery, find a signature feature to highlight that you love. Your eyes, lips or complexion and define that look to portray the image you want others to see.Don't always apply the same colors or looks you wind up dating yourself.  Fix what you can and focus on your best features and you know what...God bless what we cannot change and love it anyway!
Don't fall prey to being trendy- follow the trend only if it looks good on you ( be truthful). Your look comes together with your hairstyle so take heed to the cut, style and color of your hair. . Educate yourself on info about cosmetic products and new tips and tricks. Take note of what you can apply to your image. Remember, beauty is as beauty does so Be beautiful and smile it captures your soul.
Happy Autumn!

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