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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year...Brand New You!

Re-Do You in 2011! Happy New Year Beautiful!
                  . It's time to make YOU over in 2011.
After the warmth of the holiday season with loved ones is over. After giving of yourself not just during the holidays but all year in your many starring and supporting roles as wife, mother, sister, daughter, bff, co-worker, entrepreneur, and girlfriend. Let's resolve to start this new year, new decade 2011 by motivating yourself into a brand new you!
I'm talking a true makeover from head to toe, inside and out. Think of it as re-branding yourself. It will energize and recharge your total outlook on life and improve your existing relationships. I will even bet that it will make you look and feel so different that you will go after things that you may have procrastinated on in the past year. I found that the only thing in the way of your goals most time is you. So I create this challenge for you this new year.

Re-Do You in 2011! It's all about you.

Give yourself a little quality time and some good ol' TLC (tender loving care) and I promise you will change not only your life but effect others in a more positive way. Happyness, (I know it's spelled happiness but I'm emphasizing my point) starts with you. You will have all the time to continue to give of yourself to others if you take the time to do this for you now.

New Haircut or Color- we all know the crowning glory changes our attitude the moment we get out the chair.

New Style of Dressing- notice I did not say new wardrobe, just a few key changes in how you wear your clothes...this is a recession

New Makeup- change up your routine and how you apply your makeup. If you can't achieve the look you want come to me for a 40 minute makeover that highlights your skin and not your flaws.

New Healthy Regimen- eat healthy on purpose and get your exercise on! 30 minutes 3x a week is all you need to start and can be a simple as walking or having good sex.

New Me Time- schedule 15 minutes with yourself to meditate, pray, plan and focus on a daily basis, during this time get with yourself in a quiet place for introspection. Oh you don't have time? Make an appointment with yourself and put it in your phone! You have to water your spiritual garden to grow forward in the new you.

Happy New Year Beautiful clients/friends and thank you for your support of N2 Beauty Cosmetics.
I will continue to create beauty in 2011.
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Be Beautiful,

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