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Thursday, January 19, 2012


N2Beauty's Brilliant Thoughts

Haven't seen me for a while now its back to work

I took time off, while others artists got jerked

Due to the fact they're whack & use MAC (yeah I said it)

Had to go back and stack 'cause they lack the ingredient

N2 B E A U T Y and clap for that
 (Clap Clap Clap)    (Thank you very much.)

I'm the makeup artist and the esthetician

Therefore you get a combined artist vision
( flawless finish)

Half wrecks the other destroys and if you think your ready to mess…

Bring your Brush

I'm known to be a master in this beauty field

Much respect since I entered ...and in the end you'll kneel

So Whatcha' Sayin'


Thykness said...

HA! THAT WAS FIRE!!!! Put the rest of these schoolyard crayola users to rest and get with the BEST! N2 Beauty Cosmetics! WELL DONE~

N2BEAUTY said...

Thank you. Appreciate you for recognizing! Be Beautiful.