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Saturday, January 21, 2012

To Wax or Not to Wax? That is the question.

N2beauty waxing client
Waxing is the best solution for removing hair. Hair is made from a  hard protein called Keratin, which is produced from the hair follicle.Wax is designed to adhere to the hair as close to the skin as possible. When the wax is removed, it should adhere to the hair and remove the bulb from the follicle. period.
Waxing in my professional opinion is the best solution for hair removal. It works below the skins surface to remove the entire hair strand, unlike shaving or threading which is cutting off the hair right at the surface of the skin. Hair that grows back from waxing is smoother, finer and takes longer to return whereas with other methods the regrowth is very coarse.
Eyebrows are to me the 2nd most important feature to your facial makeup. Number 1 being a clear complexion. Your eyebrows frame your face therefore setting the tone of your overall look.
Designing a brow or eyebrow shaping is an art. I'm an artist and I'm serious about my shh..craft. (smile)
The well defined brow in one of my company's logos is done on purpose. Some call me the "brow goddess" because I have and can undo the mess you get your eyebrows into when you go to your local nail salon and get the $5 special wax on/ wax off treatment. Or the clipper/razor to the eyebrow treatment.
 Once in my chair..."when you know better you do better", you get the proper treatment. Your initial brow visit and consultation will be 25 minutes. Wow, why so long? you ask a good question beauties. The first reason is I am in the business of pampering my clients and second I need to know if there are any contraindications* before wax is applied to your skin, otherwise you may have a skin reaction.
You should not have any waxing done if you

  • taking any blood thinning medications
  • any medicine for blood pressure or diabetes
  • using Accutane or other acne medications
  • using any topical or oral cortisone medications
  • taking Retin-A, Renova, hydroquinone or similar skin thinning products
  • experiencing sunburn
  • any fever blisters or cold sores
  • recent Botox or collagen injections
  • any pus filled pimples 
Once finished with the consultation and we discuss your wishes for an eyebrow shape. I use your bone structure, which is what nature gave you... to give you the most complimentary brow for your face.
The N2beauty method is to cleanse, outline, wax, shape (tweezers), post treat and then define with my brow powder, hand you the mirror to admire my work. You are then encouraged to come back for regular maintenance every 3 weeks. Maintenance is 15 minutes. 

*contraindications - treatments could cause harmful or negative side effects to those who have specific medical or skin conditions.


Thykness said...

Great Post! How do you feel about a Chemical Depilatory such as Nair, Sally Hansen or Veet? I personally use those for unsightly facial hair since it's pain free, but it does tend to grow back pretty fast. Are there any downsides to using those?

N2BEAUTY said...

Thanks for your comment Thykness. My take on depilatory* methods is that the Pro is, its an inexpensive way to remove unwanted hair by a non-professional. The preferred method by me is to wax over using the brand methods you choose. The Cons of using a depilatory is that women tend to experience redness and irritation along with the fact that regrowth tends to occur in about 3-5 days. Similar to shaving because again you are only removing the hair at the surface level.
*Depilatory- A substance (caustic alkali) that removes the hair temporarily by dissolving hair at the skin level.